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Teams Who Have Not Completed Team-Player Registration

Update 9/8/2006

There are still 10 teams  that have not yet completed team/player registration.  This process was supposed to be completed by September 1, 2006.  These teams will not be permitted to play games scheduled for the weekend of September 9th and 10th, 2006, and until they complete registration.  Approval of your data in the EPYSA online registration database is only Step 1 of the process.  Step 2 requires you to take your hard copy roster and player passes to your assigned registrar to be stamped.  Until Step 2 is completed you can not play per EYPSA and you will have no insurance.
If your team is on the attached list below, you must contact Laura Harris for processing of your rosters and passes.  If we have made an clerical error, please let her know ASAP to clear it up.  Do not contact your local registrar anymore this week. 




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