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Teams May NOT Change Game Schedules

Individual teams may not agree to change officially scheduled games without the permission of the Games Commissioner, Julie Sheehy .  Teams who change scheduled games without her permission will both forfeit the game, you will be liable for the referee fee, you will both be fined and you will be suspended from PAGS for the balance of the Fall 2007 season and placed in bad standing with EPYSA.




We are serious about this because we can’t have individual teams deciding when and where to play games, Games do not exist in a vacuum. We have worked very hard to schedule games in order that we can have referees assigned to all games.  Taking a game out the middle of the schedule ruins this effort.  Finally, we just can’t let individual teams reschedule games.  If two teams do it then all 2500 games can be changed at will which will result in chaos.




All game change fees go to PAGS Treasurer, check made payable to PAGS.


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