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PAGS 2018-19 - Game Line Up Forms

PAGS 2018-19 - Game Line Up Forms

Game Requirements

Each team must complete a lineup form for all PAGS games.  The form must be completed in triplicate and must be provided to the referee prior to the game.  For teams registered with EPYSA the lineup form may be printed using the Group Net Solutions registration software.  Teams not registered with EPYSA shall use copies of their approved roster as the lineup form.  In either case, players not participating in the game must be lined out on the form.

Club Pass Players/Guest Players

If a team is using a player with a club pass or a guest player (PDGL only), the player’s name and number must be hand written on the line-up form and the player’s pass must be available for inspection by the opposing coach.

There are NO exceptions to these requirements.  Teams failing to provide three copies of the proper lineup form may be fined or the game may be forfeited.





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