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Entering Field-Permit Information For PAGS 2016 Spring Season

For the Spring 2016 season PAGS will continue to utilize the scheduling system used the past several seasons.  PAGS will generate the schedule with game number, date, and home/away teams.  The person(s) with administrative rights to the PAGS website for each club will be able to directly enter on the PAGS website the time and field information for all club home games.

The first step you must take to ensure that you can complete the schedule is to verify that all of the fields your Club will utilize during the PAGS 2016 Spring season are in the PAGS database. If they are not you will need to add them or they will not be available in the pull-down menu when you try to schedule games.  In addition, you must ensure that you have permits uploaded for each field you will utilize.  If you are uncertain if you will have a field available enter it.  If you are uncertain about the permit information enter your best estimate.  if you do not enter field permit information your referee assignor will not be notifed of game changes.

Instructions on how to enter field/permit information can be found HERE




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