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Registering An Out of State Player

  1. Follow the registration procedures of the player’s home state to register the player and to obtain a player pass  (If adding an out of state player as a secondary player you may skip this step as the player already has a player pass)
  2. Complete the player’s home state Interstate Permission Form and have it approved by the player’s home state association.
  3. Submit the approved Interstate Permission Form, along with a copy of the front and back of the player’s pass, to EPYSA ATTN:  Beck Kleinert.  This may be done via mail, email, or fax.
  4. EPYSA will return the Interstate Permission Form to the team once it is approved.
  5. Submit the Interstate Permission Form approved by both the home state association and EPYSA to the League Registrar.

In addition to the above you must add the player to the GNS system as follows:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Membership Services”
  3. Click on “Online Registration”
  4. Click on “Import Player”
  5. Complete and submit the electronic form

EPYS will verify that they have received the completed Interstate Permission Form along with the electronic form and will approve the player.  You may then add the player to your team as above by clicking on the appropriate button:

  • Add DE Player
  • Add MD Player
  • Add Non-EPA Player





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