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Player Registration Begins

Player registration can begin immediately. The following divisions will register with USYSA/EPYSA. U12 Premier Cup, U12 Cup, U13 Premier Cup, U13 Cup, U14 Premier Cup, U14 Cup, U14 Division 1, U15 Cup, U16 Cup, U17 Cup, U18 Cup and U19 Cup. All other divisions should register with US Club Soccer.
No team can register without their Club being registered first with either organization. Your delegate or club registrar should handle this. For USYSA/EPYSA you should go to and follow the directions. For US Club Soccer you should go to 2003/uscs_reg_1.htm and follow the directions.
If your club is registered with both organizations you may begin your player registration. Both online systems allow you to enter the information either through your delegate or individual coach. In USYSA/EPYSA's case after the information is entered, you will be able to print your passes. Passes will be mailed to your club delegate by Monday, June 30th. In US Club Soccer's case, the request to have your passes printed needs to be made to you club registrar and they will instruct US Club to print the passes and have them mailed to you.
IMPORTANT.  Once you have the physical passes in your hand, securely affix a picture to the back of the pass and have them signed. Send those signed passes, a clear copy of a state birth certificate for each player, and RG-6 form(USYSA/EPYSA only) Or Online Medical Information (US Club Only) and three copies of your roster AND THE LEAGUE FEE (CHECK FOR 250 DOLLARS FOR ALL PRIMARY TEAMS WHEHER US CLUB OR USYSA) to Mike Burke at 307 Scola Rd, Brookhaven, Pa. Include in the package a self-addressed manila envelope with a stamp covering the postage back to you. How much should the stamp be, the same as the stamp that you send the package in. PLEASE NOTE, ANY PART OF THE ABOVE THAT IS MISSING WILL PREVENT THE WHOLE TEAM FROM REGISTERING AND WILL RESULT IN THE PACKAGE BEING SENT BACK WITH A FINE ATTACHED. Passes will be stamped, laminated and returned within 7 days PROVIDED THAT THE LEAGUE FEE HAS BEEN PAID. ANY QUESTIONS FEEL FREE TO EMAIL ME AT COMMISSIONER@PAGS.ORG




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