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Uploading Pictures

  1. Login to the EPYSA Online Registration database using your user ID and password
  2. Select the “Access Team Management” option from the Main Menu
  3. Go to the team Main Page
  4. Click on “Players” on the left-hand side of the scree
  5. Select a player by double clicking on the radio button next to the name (Only one picture can be uploaded at a time)
  6. Select “Upload Picture”
  7. Browse to find the picture on your computer and upload
  8. If the picture is too large (size cannot exceed 240 x 240 pixels) you will need to edit the size before you can upload.

Editing Pictures For Upload

  1. Photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop is required.  If you do not have such software GNS recommends Gimp 2.8 which can be downloaded for free at
  2. Open you photo editing program
  3. Open the player’s picture, crop the picture to a head shot, and save 
  4. Open the saved picture, select the “Scale Image” function in your software, enter 240 x 240 pixels and save the photo.
  5. Follow the instructions above to upload the photo.

Gimp software will not work with a Mac, however, there is similar software that will run on a Mac. 




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