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What To Do If Your Referee Fails To Appear

If your referee(s) fails to appear for a game the first thing you should do is contact your referee assignor, NOT the PAGS office.  Click HERE for a list of the 2018-2019 referee assignors.

Section 2.08 - When Referees Fail to Appear:  If the assigned Referee(s) has not arrived by the scheduled start time for a game, the home team should contact the cognizant Referee Assignor.  If a replacement Referee is not provided, the coaches of both teams should mutually agree on an individual to perform as a substitute Referee.  If mutual agreement cannot be reached on a single person, each team may nominate one individual to act as substitute Referees, who will jointly officiate the game.  Likewise, if Assistant Referees fail to appear, the teams shall provide substitute Assistant Referees.  Each substitute Referee will have the authority of the regular Referee and will be compensated the appropriate fee.




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