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Proposed Divisional Alignment Completed

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Coaches who are not satisfied with the placement of their team may appeal.  The process for appeals is as follows:  Coaches should request their Club Delegate to contact the PAGS Games Commissioner, at, regarding their team's seeding.  The Games Commissioner will take into account any new information provided by the Delegate, however, he is not required to reseed based on information that wasn't included with the original application.  The Games Commissioner will inform the Delegate as to whether or not the seeding will be changed.  If the initial appeal is denied, the coach may request an appeal hearing via an e-mail to by June 14th.
The time and location for the appeal hearings will be established by the Appeal Board.  Again, the Appeal Board is not required to consider any new information that the coach or manager failed to include on the original application.  However, scores from recent State Cup games or from tournaments held in late May or early June will be given full consideration. 
Also, please be aware that there are a number of teams whose application is still under considration. These teams will be added to the Divisional structure sometime next week. 
Please check back here early next week for additional information regarding player registration and payment of PAGS fees.  Once again thanks for another record breaking year in terms of team participation
Mike Burke
PAGS Game Commissioner




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