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Please check the schedule page for the tentative playoff schedules. Also please adhere to the following notes. Any questions direct them to your delegate.
1. Playoffs overtime, two 10 minute halves, golden goal. Pk's following the second overtime if game is still tied, or in other words no goals were scored.
2. Coaches must present a line-up card with a copy of league stamped approved roster to opposing coach at all playoff games. For US Club teams, any deviation from the league stamped approved roster must be backed up by weekly date stamped rosters showing additional players and proof that they have played in half of the teams games. In other words, if you have a player who isn't on your early season league stamped roster and she has played in half of your games, proof will be those rosters you printed out each week and handed to the opposing coach and referee. No copies, no eligibility.
3.Playoffs with conferences. No team can play another team in their conference until the finals. This supercedes all seeding rules in terms of records and placement
4. Tie breakers are on the pags website under bylaws and constitution. Goal differential is only in games won.
5. As always, please confirm game time and directions with opposing coach.
6. All scores are due by Sunday night at 9pm this week only. This is to ensure that we can post teams quickly
7. Ref fees are paid by teams. Finals are paid by the league.
8. Need volunteers to be at the finals both on the 16th and 23rd.




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