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PAGS Fall 2006 Schedule Released

The PAGS Fall 2006 schedule is now available. Simply click on 'Schedules/Standings' in the banner above and then click on the appropriate Age Group and Division.
Each team was provided an opportunity to designate two dates that they would be unavailable for play on their application.  These requests were taken into account when the schedule was developed.  Keep in mind we also had to consider your opponents' requests as well!.  In addition, PAGS identified potential conflicts where an individual coaches more than one team.  We resolved as many of these conflicts as we could.  Finally, we provided each Club Delegate with the opportunity to review their schedule so that we could resolve any issues they could find.  The period for comments by Delegates has expired and we released the schedule to the Referee Assignors and no further changes will be made.
Therefore, do not send requests to change individual games, they will not be honored.  Requests received from coaches will be returned to the Club Delegate without action.  Requests from parents will be ignored.  The only changes we will make will be for cancellations due to weather or if a Club loses a field.  The only exception to this rule is in the high school divisions which do not have playoffs.  In these divisions we will consider changing a game if PAGS deems that there is a legitimate reason.
Best of luck to everyone for the upcoming season.




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