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PAGS Divisional Placements For Fall 2009

The divisional placements for the PAGS Fall 2009 season have been posted.  The League takes all pertinent information, including that provided on team applications along with that available from sources such as league, tournament, and State association websites.  Our goal is to provide each team with the best level of competition possible.  To that end, teams should focus on the other teams in their division and not on the name or number of the division.

PAGS will accept additional FACTUAL information where it may appear that we have made an egregious error.  Teams with issues regarding placement may submit additional factual data to support a change to their placement via email.  Additional input received after 6/30/09 will not be considered.

Final divisional placements will be released on 7/3/09.  The last day to withdraw from the League without forfeiting your application fee is 7/5/09.




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