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PAGS 7v7 Standards (U9 and U10)

PAGS 7v7 Standards (U9 and U10)

PAGS has adopted the US Soccer Federation 7v7 standards for U9 and U10 play. The PAGS 7v7 Standards can be found HERE.  These standards necessitate several changes to the PAGS By-Laws and Playing Rules.  

PAGS is recommending that all clubs implement the 50% playing time requirement this season rather than waiting until 2017-2018, however this is up to individual clubs.  Monitoring of a playing time requirement is the responsibility of the individual club.  

PAGS has a long-standing policy of not publishing standings at U9 and U10.  This year PAGS also will not publish scores for the U9 and U10 age groups.  Scores must still be reported to facilitate divisional placement as teams move forward, but they will not be published.  

There are completely new field dimensions and marking requirements in these standards.  These Field Dimensions and Marking Requirements are covered in detail in a separate document which can be found on the PAGS home page and in the PAGS 2016-2017 Playing Rules.

All parties should take the time to familiarize themselves with the PAGS 7v7 standards, the field dimensions and marking requirements, and the PAGS Playing Rules prior to the season.




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