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PAGS 2018 Fall Season Playoffs

U13 - U15

PAGS 2018 Fall Season Playoffs

Both the PAGS Developmental and Geographic League (PDGL) and PAGS Premier League (PPL) will hold playoffs for all divisions in the U13 to U15 age groups.

The top four teams in each division will qualify for the playoffs, with #1 playing #4 and #2 playing #3.  The semifinals will be held on Saturday, 11/10/18, and will be played at the field of the higher seed.  Teams may play prior to Saturday by mutual agreement.

The finals will be held on Sunday, 11/111/18, at the WestMont USA Hilltop complex in accordance with the following schedule:


Field #9

Field #5

Field #4

Field #3

10:00 AM





11:30 AM





1:00 PM





2:30 PM



No Game

No Game

The championship games will be played as scheduled, no changes will be made by the League or the teams.

Teams will split the cost of referees for the semifinal games and PAGS will pay the cost of referees for the finals.

Playoff positioning in each division will be determined by the following:

Win = 3 Points

Tie = 1 Point

Loss = 0 Points

Tie Breaking Procedure For Divisional Standings

1.  Points (Win = 3 points, tie = 1 point, loss = 0 points)

2.  Head to Head Competition (In the event 3 or more teams are tied this criteria will not be utilized)

3.  Goal Differential (goals scored minus goals allowed in each game, with a maximum differential of 4 goals per game)

4.  Fewest Goals Allowed

5.  Goals Scored (Maximum of 4 per game)

6.  Fewest Yellow/Red Card Points (Red Card is a deduction of 2 points and Yellow Card a deduction of 1 point)

7.  Coin Toss (At a time and place chosen by the Games Commissioner)

In the event of ties by three or more teams the tie breaking procedure (excluding criteria #2) will used until only one team is left.  The first team eliminated finishes in the lowest placement in question, and so on, until all placements are filled.  If a coin toss involves more than two teams the Games Commissioner may substitute a draw of lots.

Duration of Games:

U13 and U14 will play two 35 Minute Halves, 5 minute half-time break.  U15 will play two 40 Minute Halves, 5 minute half-time break.

Overtime consists of two complete 5-minute periods, with no golden goal in effect.  If score is still tied after the two overtime periods then the game will be decided by FIFA penalty kicks.

Substitutions - Substitutions are unlimited and both teams may substitute on any stoppage.

Protests:  There are no protests!

Player Eligibility

The referees will check players against player passes and player passes against rosters prior to each semifinal and final game.  The referees will hold the coaches and players passes during the game.  Failure to provide the passes to the referees will result in a forfeit.  Secondary players are eligible for the playoffs.  Club Pass players are not eligible for the playoffs.  A player who does not have a valid, stamped pass may not play.  A team without a valid, stamped Roster will forfeit the game.  Teams must submit the line-up form in triplicate to the referee.

Positioning of Teams and Spectators

Teams will be on one side of the field (one-half of the field for each team) and spectators will be positioned on the other side of the field.  Only players and coaches with valid passes are permitted in the team areas.  There will be no exceptions to this rule.

Score Reporting

The winning team must record the score online for semifinal and final games following the procedure in place for the regular season.  Scores for semifinal games must be recorded as soon as the game is completed.  Scores for finals must be recorded no later than 8:00 pm on Sunday, 11/11/18.


Awards will be presented to the Champions and Runners-up immediately following the Final.

Inclement Weather Policy

In the event of inclement weather host sites for semifinal games should make every effort to play the games. Notification to the opposing team and Referee Assignor should be made as early as possible if a games must be postponed.  If weather affects only final games, those games that can be played will be played.  In any event, notice will be posted to the PAGS website and on Twitter at the earliest possible time.





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