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Article V - Legislative and Judicial Powers

Section 5.01 The legislative and judicial powers of this organization, except those which are herein otherwise delegated, shall be vested in a Council consisting of one (1) duly elected or approved delegate from each member Club.
Section 5.02 Voting Rights:
  1. In all matters properly presented to the Council, each delegate shall have the right to cast one vote, and in that member’s absence, that right shall vest immediately in his/her registered alternate. The President of this organization shall have no vote except in the case of a deadlock, in which case it shall be his/her privilege to cast a deciding vote.
  2. In the absence of the President, whoever is acting in his/her behalf shall be limited to the President’s voting rights.
Section 5.03 Council Duties and Powers:
  1. The Council, except in matters otherwise delegated, shall transact all business of this organization, enforce the laws of the game, and elect the Officers of this organization.
  2. The Council may, from time to time, create and appoint such committees, Directors, or other persons, to have charge and responsibility for the various activities of this organization. The Council may delegate this responsibility to the President, if it is deemed appropriate and desirable. Activities and duties performed by the committees, Directors, and others shall not be contrary to the policies of this organization and shall be reported and subject to the approval of the Council, or if so designated, the PAGS Executive Committee.




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