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Article VI - PAGS Select Program

(sections 6.10 - 6.19)

  Section 6.10 Timing of Tryouts: Every effort should be made to conclude tryouts and team selection before the end of the fall season, depending upon the weather. Conflicts with Playoffs and Divisional Championships are to be avoided.

  Section 6.11 Player Selection and Notification: The Head Coach is responsible for selection of the team. There is no appeal of his/her decision. Every player who tried out for the team should be notified of the results of their tryout within 7 days of the last scheduled tryout. The Head Coach should be specifically tell each player whether or not she made the team, and may tell that player who did make the team if requested. Written notification is preferred, however, notification may be made telephonically in order to comply with the notification time limitation. Selections will not be posted to the PAGS web site until each individual player has been personally notified.

  Section 6.12 Team Training Sessions: Subject to the coach's schedule, every attempt should be made to schedule at least two training sessions each week, beginning in March. Consideration should be given the team's tournament schedule, State Cup schedules of players' Club teams, and school sport schedules, where applicable. Indoors training during the winter is optional.

  Section 6.13 Self-Supporting Program: The Select Program should be self-supporting. The individual player costs include cost of tournaments; uniforms; and other administrative expenses.

  Section 6.14 Payment of Coaches: The Executive Committee will give consideration to payment of an honorarium to Head and Assistant Coaches at the end of the Select season.

  Section 6.15 Scholarships: No player should be prevented from participating in the Select program because of lack of financial resources. PAGS provides a scholarship program to assist in the cost of uniforms and the player's share of administrative expenses. A player should request such assistance in writing from the PAGS Executive Committee.

  Section 6.16 Tournaments: The Select Program Committee shall recommend tournaments for all Select teams. A core group of either three or four tournaments will be selected by the Committee in which all PAGS Select teams will participate. Individual teams, subject to the approval of the Select Program Committee may add additional tournaments. Coordination with State Cups and State Select activities is required. The cost of all tournaments will be borne by individual teams.

  Section 6.17 Uniforms: All uniforms and team equipment for PAGS Select teams will be the same. This includes uniforms, warm-ups; and equipment bags. The Select Program Committee will choose the uniform, player names will not be permitted on uniforms. Standards will also be set for other team equipment. Purchase of these items would be up to each team, however, they will be obligated to purchase of the PAGS standard uniform.

  Section 6.18 Administration: Each team should have an administrator separate from the coaching staff. The administrator is responsible for travel arrangements for away tournaments and all financial matters.

  Section 6.19 Select Coach Caveat: PAGS Select Program coaches SHALL NOT form from the Select team he/she coaches a primary team which organizes itself for the purpose of playing as a Club or Premier team. Coaches who violate this Section shall be immediately dismissed from the PAGS Select Program as a coach. Furthermore, that Club or Premier team which organizes from the current Select team shall not participate in PAGS in the following year's primary or secondary season.




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