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Article III - Registration

(Sections 3.03 - 3.08)

  Section 3.03 Player Registration: Annual player registration shall be completed accordance with the EPYSA registration process then in effect, and in accordance with the schedule established annually by the Executive Committee. Each team must register a minimum of 12 players to be included in the League schedule (U9, U10, U11 must register a minimum of 9 players). At U9 and U10 teams must have a minimum of 7 age appropriate players.  The roster limit for U9-U11 is 14 players, for U12-U15 18 players, and for U16-U19 22 players.  Failure of a Club to complete registration for all of its teams one week prior to the scheduled start of the fall season shall result in the imposition of a fine of $250 and suspension of all of that Club’s teams until the fine is paid.   
  Section 3.04 Player Transfers Once Season Begins: Players are free to transfer between PAGS teams, from a PAGS team, or to a PAGS team at any time during the soccer year.  Player transfers shall be accomplished in accordance with the EPYSA rules and procedures applicable at that time.  Rosters are frozen for the purposes of participating in PAGS on 30 September of the current soccer year. 
  Section 3.05 Player Registration Limit: Roster limits, additions, transfers, and changes shall be accomplished in accordance with the EPYSA /PAGS rules and procedures applicable at that time. 
  Section 3.06 Use of Improperly Registered Player(s): A team using a player not properly registered with PAGS in a League or playoff game, shall forfeit that game.  In addition, the team will not be eligible for the playoffs in that season and the team’s Club may be fined pursuant to Section 4.01.  The time limit for appeal of the loss of eligibility of any player shall be one week from the date of the game.  Questions concerning the eligibility of an opposing player must be filed no later than 24 hours after the last regular season game played in that Age Group.  The PAGS Grievance Committee shall address any question as to eligibility.

  Section 3.07




Section 3.08

Use of Secondary Players: U12 to U15 teams may have a maximum of three (3) secondary players which count against the roster limit of 18.  U16-U19 players may have a maximum of 5 secondary players which count against the roster limit of 22.  Individual game lineup limits of 14 (U9-U11) and 19 (U12-U19) remainin effect.   Secondary players may only play up, that is in a higher Division in the same Age Group or a higher Age Group.  Secondary players are eligible for the PAGS playoffs.  None of the above shall prohibit a primary player on a PAGS team from playing as a secondary player on a team outside of PAGS.

Club Pass for Small-Sided Age Groups:  At the U9-U11 age groups players will be permitted to play with any team in their Club for which their age qualifies them.  That is an age appropriate U9 player may play U9, U10, or U11, an age appropriate U10 player may play U10, or U11,and age appropriate U11 player may play only U11.  Players may play no more than two games per day, or three games per weekend.  The Club Pass is limited to these three age groups.





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