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Article II - Playing Rules

(Sections 2.08 - 2.12)

Section 2.08 Player’s Equipment: Teams must wear regulation soccer uniforms. When the colors of uniforms of opposing teams are identical or so similar that it is difficult to distinguish between them, in the Referee’s opinion, the home team is required to change into a contrasting jersey. All players, except goalkeepers, must wear numbers not less than six (6) inches high. Players must adhere to all current USSF and EPYSA rules, as applicable, regarding uniforms. The goalkeeper may wear sweat pants provided they have no buckles or other areas considered as potentially dangerous by the Referee. In cases of extreme cold, the Referee, in his/her sole discretion, being fair to both teams, may allow modifications of the dress regulations.

Section 2.09 Referee Assistants: The League will endeavor to provide three-referee crews for all games at U11 and older.  If Referee Assistants are not at a game, each team is expected to provide one (1) Referee Assistant.

Section 2.10

Game Postponement and Rescheduling


A. Rescheduling Not Related To Weather:  There is a $50 fee for all non-weather related game changes requested after the PAGS schedule is released to the Referee Assignor(s).  This fee is payable by the team requesting the change.  If a game must be rescheduled for other than weather related reasons, the Delegate of the Club requesting the change must notify the League Administrator by 5:00 pm on the Tuesday prior to the game.  For any cancellation less than three (3) days prior to the originally scheduled date, the Referee(s) assigned to this game MUST be paid in full by the team canceling the game if the Referee(s) cannot be reassigned to another game.

B. Rescheduling Due To Inclement Weather

     a. Games should not be postponed for light rain or wet fields. Should postponement due to inclement weather be necessary, the home team must notify not the visiting team, but also the League Administrator and their Referee Assignor as early as possible. This notification to the League Administrator and Referee Assignor MUST be made no less than TWO (2) hours before the scheduled game time, if practicable, or the Club postponing the game will pay the entire Referee(s) fee for the game.

     b. Postponed games must be rescheduled as soon as practicable, with mutual agreement between both coaches and the League Administrator.  The League Administrator has the final authority to reschedule a game.

     c. Games that are not made up by the end of the season will be declared void.

Section 2.11 Referee(s) Fees:

Referee fees are established for each season through mutual agreement between EPYSA and the Referee Association. The latest schedule of fees will be posted to the PAGS website prior to the start of the season.

A.  Referee(s) who appear as scheduled will be paid the full fee, even when a game is terminated by a cause over which neither Club has control, such as darkness or the Referee declaring the field unplayable. The full fee must also be paid whenever a game is terminated because of actions or conditions over which either Club could have or should have had control, and whenever either team forfeits a game. When a Referee who appears as scheduled declares a field unplayable, only the first game fee must be paid.

B.  Referee(s) do not have to be paid whenever notice of a canceled game has been delivered in a manner and to a location mutually agreed upon for such notices by the League and the Referee Assignor(s), provided the notice is also delivered by the agreed-upon time.

Section 2.12 When Referee(s) Fail to Arrive For A Game:  If a Referee has not arrived by the scheduled start time for a game, the coaches of both teams should mutually appoint one person to perform as a substitute Referee. If mutual agreement cannot be reached on a single person, the home team coach may nominate one individual to perform as a substitute Referee and the visiting team must do the same. Both nominated individuals should jointly officiate the game. Each substitute Referee must be given the same respect and will have the same authority and backing as any regular Referee, and shall be compensated the same.

If the coaches of the two teams cannot agree on the aforesaid procedure, it shall be the responsibility of both team officials to reschedule the game with the League Administrator.




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