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Instructions for Completing Application for PAGS 2018 Spring Season


Instructions for Completing Application for PAGS 2018 Spring Season

Instructions for PAGS 2018 Spring Season Application

Select your Club from the drop-down menu.  If your Club is not listed STOP the application and contact PAGS at to have your Club added to the database.

Enter your team name (e.g. Black ’99 or Tigers, etc).  DO NOT reenter your Club name.

Enter your proposed roster size.  U9-U10 (Minimum 9/Maximum 14 players), U11-U12  (12 to 16 players), and U13-U15 (12 to 22 players)

Enter the number of secondary players on your roster.

Enter your team website ( etc).  This is optional.

Select the age group you will be playing in SPRING 2018.

Enter "Girls" for Gender

Select the Division you wish to play in.  1 is the top and 10 the bottom division. There are not confences as in Fall.  Divisional placements will be made by PAGS based upon the applications received.

Select the roster option that applies to your team.  If you already have roster and player passes, or will be playing on a roster issued by a National Association other than USYS (US Club Soccer, etc), select "Already Rostered" .  If you need an EPYSA roster and player passes select "EPYSA Roster Needed".

Enter the requested information for any league, tournaments, and/or Cups your team has recently played in.  DO NOT enter any indoor tournament information, it will not be considered in divisional placement.

Enter the contact information for the team’s "Primary Contact/Manager" and "Head Coach". 

Enter any other information that you believe will be helpful to PAGS in deciding divisional placement in the remarks section.  

The ONLY form of payment PAGS will accept for the 2017 Spring Season is a credit card.  Unlike the fall season, PAGS WILL NOT accept a single check for payment from a club.  You CANNOT submit the application without making payment.





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