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Final Divisional Structure Posted

The final divisional structure for the fall season can be seen by clicking on 'Schedules/Standings' at the the top of the screen.

Placement of teams into Divisions involves many factors such as previous league performance, tournament results, other information provided on the application, and any other information available to the committee.  In addition, this year PAGS is committed to establishing ten team divisions wherever possible. So in order to honor requests to be moved up a division another team must be moved down a division.  Likewise, to move a team down a division another team must be moved up a division.  Also, please keep in mind the number of the division is unimportant, it is the level of competition that is important.   We were able to honor 43% of the appeals we received.  There will be no appeals of the final division placements.  The Games Commissioner and President will be out of town until 7/5/2005 and will not be checking email or answering telephone calls regarding palcements.

Teams who wish to withdraw from the League for the Fall 2005 season have until midnight on Friday, 7/1/2005, to do so without penalty.  After this date teams that withdraw will be charged the normal registration fee.




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