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Divisional Placements for Fall 2006

The divisional placements for the PAGS Fall 2006 season are shown in the article below this one.  There are no appeals of these placements.  Do not contact the League to have your team's placement changed as this will not happen!  The only changes to the placements will be those that are necessitated by a team withdrawing from the League prior to the deadline of 5 July 2006.


We attempted to ensure that each team was placed at the most appropriate level based upon the information provided on its application.  Do not focus on the number of the division you are in, look at the teams that make up that division.  Keep in mind that success at one level last year does not guarantee playing at the next higher level this year, similarly, a poor year does not mean a team will be dropped a division.  Each year stands on its own.  If we receive a high number of applications from, new, top level teams in any age group that could cause returning teams to remain in the same division or drop down a division.  If you didn't put the information on your application we could not consider it and will not consider it now so do not forward it to us at this late date.


The final placements, reflecting changes in the number of teams will be posted no later than 15 July 2006.  Thanks to all the teams that applied this year, we currently have 526 teams, yet another record!




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