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Division Placement Appeal Procedure

Appeals Due By 6/24/05

The following procedure will be followed to appeal Divisional placements:


1.  The coach will submit in writing to the Club Delegate the justification for the appeal.  This is limited to one typewritten page and should contain objective information not already on the application such as results since the application was submitted.  Indoor tournament results have no bearing on placement.  Phrases such as hard working team, added good players, trained very hard, or only lost because our GK had to go o a concert have no bearing as well./  Everyone has some story.


2.  The Club Delegate should objectively review all submissions they receive and forward only those appeals that have merit. 


3.  The Club Delegate should forward any appeals by Friday, 6/24/05, via email only, to both and  Appeals received after the cut-off date will not be considered.


4.  Appeals will be reviewed by the President and Games Commissioner and forwarded to the Appeals Committee for consideration where appropriate.  The Appeals Committee will review only the written appeals, there will be no in person appearances before the Committee.


5.  The final Divisional placements will be posted NLT than 6/29/05.  Teams will then have until 7/1/05 to withdraw from the League without penalty.


A reminder that PAGS is under no obligation to consider any information not provided on the original application and all decisions of the Appeals Committee are final.




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